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If you are part of the group of State teachers, you should know that for some years the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the payroll office of the Contribution Fund for Educational Payroll and Operating Expenses ( FONE ) have joined forces to offer a service efficient online that can meet the needs of its affiliates.

If you still do not know very well how to use this digital system, you have arrived at the indicated place since below we will explain the details you need to know to enter the Fone Portal , print your receipt and continue your procedures quickly and efficiently.

How can I access My Fone Portal?

From the comfort of your home or office you can make all the queries you want related to payroll, you only need a device with an internet connection and follow the simple steps that we indicate below, which guide you to understand how to enter the Fone Portal .
You should know that to enter My Fone Portal it is necessary that you have a personal and non-transferable username and password, which will allow you to start a session or access your personalized account. To obtain these data you must follow a registration process.
Once you successfully complete your registration, you must visit the official Fone website and locate the Access to My Portal box that is on the left side of your screen.
Provide your username and password in the spaces designated for this purpose and click the Login button
If you have not yet completed your registration, we invite you to follow the steps set out below.

How to register in My Fone Portal?

To obtain your username and password, and thus be able to enter the Fone Portal, you must perform an easy registration, the process begins to enter the website for Fone Registration.
The registration process consists of filling in a simple form, which will ask for your CURP number, active email address and a password, which you must create at the time of registration. This password that will allow your access to the portal must include alphanumeric characters and at least one sign.


Continue the process, completing a second form, which asks for your birth information. It is important that you have at hand the information about the year in which you were born, the book and the certificate number in which you were registered.
To finish, you must confirm your registration . This step is very simple, since you only have to enter the email inbox that you provided and follow the instructions with which the message from the Fone will guide you.
Once you have confirmed your account, you can access My Fone Portal whenever and wherever you want, you just have to provide your username and password to identify yourself.

How to register in the Fone?

The procedure for registering with Fone is the same as that which must be done to register and obtain the username and password to access My Fone Portal.
To complete the registration, follow the steps outlined above. website and locate the option Have you not signed up yet? Register here , which appears at the bottom of the Access to My portal box.

What are Fone pay stubs?

The payment receipt from the Fone Portal that you can obtain digitally, is a valid document that contains a significant amount of information related to your payments. This document includes your personal data, that is, your full name and surname, as well as the Taxpayer Registry.
In your check you can also check the exact date you received the payment and the date you download the voucher. On the other hand, the amount of money you received and the detailed information of its origin are reflected, which indicates that you will be able to check if you are a beneficiary of bonds, space payments or discounts.
To facilitate obtaining this document, the SEP (Secretary of Public Education) was in charge of centralizing the teacher payroll of the Contribution Fund for Educational Payroll and Operating Expenses (FONE) and thus create an ideal digital platform for all attached teachers they can download their vouchers, receipts or pay stubs online wherever and whenever they want.
For this reason, you can find the access window to download your payment receipts in digital format at the following web address: . It is important that you take into account that the digitization of receipts began in 2015, therefore it is possible to obtain your receipts from this date.

How to download stubs from Fone?

Downloading your Fone pay stubs is possible thanks to a very simple process, which we will describe in detail below:

  1. Enter the official web portal of Mi Portal Fone.
  2. Write your identification data, that is, your username and password, in the boxes designated for this purpose and click on the Enter button You must be careful and verify that you provided your data correctly, since in this way you prevent your account from being blocked.
  3. If it is the first time you enter the portal, you must register. To do this, click on the Register here option that appears under the Login button and complete the form to which you will be redirected. Take into account that to complete your registration successfully you must have your CURP, an active email address, and your birth information, which includes date, book number and certificate. During registration you will have to create your username and password, which must contain alphanumeric characters and signs, it is also necessary to confirm the registration by receiving an email.
  4. Upon successfully accessing My Fone Portal , select the only option on the screen, which appears in the upper left corner, and click Download Receipts.
  5. Subsequently, look for the receipt you want to print by providing the state to which you belong, the cycle and the period of the receipt. Once you have provided this information, click Search.
  6. When you execute the previous step, you will be presented with a list of your receipts, locate the one of your interest and click on the Download option that appears at the end of the line.
  7. The receipt download should start automatically, however, this may depend on your web browser settings. Check the settings of the browser you are using if you notice any flaws in the process. Generally, the file you get will be in the download folder.

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