[REVEALED] Is Escape from Tarkov Free to Play or Not?

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Introduction of Escape From Tarkov

If you are a gamer and have visited online streaming platforms like Twitter, you must know the craze of shooter for Escape from Tarkov game. This online video shooting game is taking the gaming world by storm after its arrival.

The theme of the game is around a versatile mercenary who has to escape from Tarkov city. The game has twists has at every point, which makes the mercenary escape problematic. 

Is Escape from Tarkov Free to Play or Not?

As the number of Escape from Tarkov ARMY increasing the demand for this question that either this game is free-to-play or not is also increasing. Well, to be honest, this question is valid. Who doesn’t want to play the game for free? The premium plans of the game are not that high, but still, many gamers can’t afford it.

So, the straight answer is Escape from Tarkov is free to play or not it no! You can’t play the game 토토사이트 for free. Up to this date, no free version of the game is available. Maybe in the future, the game update for a free version.

So, What Are the Pricing Plans of Tarkov?

Four pricing plans are available for Escape from Tarkov.

  • Standard Edition: In this edition, you get guaranteed access to closed data, a basic stash of 10 x 28 cells, and a digital pre-load copy. The price for this package is $44.99. Previously it was $33.7.
  • Left Behind Edition: This edition is more advanced than the previous one. The price for this one is $74.99. In this edition, you have closed data access, an upgraded splash of 10 x 38 cells, and additional equipment.
  • Prepare for Escape Edition: With the increased size of a stash of 10 x 48 cells, pre-load digital copy, and closed data access, Prepare for Escape Edition is here to take your gaming experience to the next level. The price for this edition is $99.99.
  • Edge of Darkness (Limited Edition): Can’t say anything about you, but this one is our all-time favorite. The price for this edition is $139.99, which is pretty high but worth the investment. The feature available in this edition include; unique game ID, access to all subsequent DLCs, 10 x 68 stash size, and closed data access.

Bear in mind all these editions are available in pre-order. Before the price gets higher than ever, make sure to place your order today in case if you want some bucks from internet you can choose play online betting like baccarat thats free to register.


With this, we hope now you know Escape from Tarkov is not free. The game’s editions are available for pre-order. Select the edition that fits your budget. Or, if budget is not the issue for you, then invest in the Edge of Darkness (Limited Edition).

Lastly, if you are already playing the game, make sure to share your reviews in the comment section below.

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